You belong here.

At the Experimental Education Unit, we believe in creating a more inclusive world. We believe diversity, in all its forms, strengthens our community and enhances our ability to build a more inclusive world.  By honoring and celebrating difference we create a rich learning community in which everyone is valued. Every member of our community belongs here and we are committed to a safe and supportive environment for all staff, students, and families.

As members of the EEU community, you are also a part of the Haring Center. Your participation at the Haring Center makes it possible for professional development and training to prepare future generations of educators.  You help ensure that researchers will identify the best methods to shape the classrooms in the broader community.  You are all a part of a community that helps foster inclusion and a sense of membership.  Inclusion isn’t easy.  It requires ongoing and active participation of children, families and staff who believe that true membership and friendships are essential to a strong community.